Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ditzo strips insurance

New Dutch insurance company Ditzo strips insurances. By cutting all redundancies, they create what they call themselves ‘fat free products’.

Things to Understand about Homeowners Insurance

1. Look for exclusions to coverage. For example, most insurance policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage as a standard item. These coverages must be bought separately. 2. Look for dollar limitations on claims.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Employer-provided insurance continues to decline

The percentage of people with health insurance through their employers — traditionally the way most people get coverage — is continuing to shrink, raising anxiety among workers and invigorating a debate about whether insurance should be ...

Reducing Your Flood Insurance Premium

Peter Finch offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print. Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine, blog, or forum.

Toronto Stamp Collectors Club - Insurance and Bankers Stamp Club

John Talman seated center front as president of the Toronto Stamp Collectors Club with their members and members of the Insurance and Bankers Stamp Club - Canadian Branch.

Accident insurance covers students for $4

Students who need medical assistance as a result of an accident on or off campus are covered through insurance provided through a $4 fee paid with registration.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance for the Distressed Risk

By Cindy Wiedman Professional liability insurance is a necessity for lawyers. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are able to secure the coverage they need in the standard marketplace because they are considered to be a distressed risk.

My razr v3 broke, quick insurance question.

So i accidently broke my Moto Razr V3 (it's one of the older ones) ; I DO have insurance on it and i will be filing my claim tommarow to the company, but i have heard from a friend that the company that files the claims and sends out ...

Committee OKs bulk of state's health insurance expansion, sends ...

ANNAPOLIS - A Senate committee gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a $200 million health care expansion, after striking a key provision that would have helped small-business owners pay for health insurance they currently offer.

How you can unwittingly help disability insurance companies deny ...

You have probably seen surveillance footage of a fraudulent disability insurance claimant who claims to have a bad back, but is caught on camera lifting a heavy carton.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is no different to getting insurance for your car or boat , a minimum amount of coverage is required and you can customize your policy to suit your needs.

The Issues Surrounding Children's Healh Insurance

With all the national publicity surrounding the President's veto regarding the expansion of children's health insurance, I thought we'd take a look at how the issue specifically impacts Iowa.

CMA Offers Medical Insurance to Association Members

/CMA/ - Nashville, TN - In conjunction with the National Business Association and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, CMA now offers an opportunity to all domestic Regular and Sterling Individual CMA members to obtain comprehensive ...

Insurance Regulatory Development Authority collecting data on ...

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (Irda) is collecting data on disease patterns of the country’s insured population to help health insurance providers to effectively price premiums for health policies based on indicators ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

City insurance denies damages

Staff Writer Bastrop Mayor Clarence Hawkins confirmed on Thursday that the city's insurance provider has denied liability coverage for property damages that occurred during the Aug.

Mental Health Insurance

Despite public awareness campaigns highlighting the issues facing people with mental health problems and the fact that no one is immune to developing a mental illness, people with mental health problems are still facing unfair ...

Irrevocable Life Insurance

Written By Michael B. Mangini, Attorney at Law. The following article was written by New Jersey Lawyer Michael B. Mangini, Attorney at Law and was found on

You should purchase a term life insurance policies!

As the no load florida health insurance policies, and need. Consider the term life insurance deductible.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

H. 265: High-Risk Insurance Bill

Members of the General Assembly are wrapping up their work in Raleigh. HOWEVER, the NC Chapters of the National MS Society’s top legislative priority, establishing a HIGH RISK INSURANCE POOL (H. 265) bill, is still being debated.

Four charged for insurance swindle

A 28-year-old man is to be charged on Friday with embezzlement in connection with the disappearance of 36 million kronor from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Three other also face charges.

ING Insurance extends free moving cost offer for home loan scheme

KUALA LUMPUR: ING Insurance Bhd has extended the free moving cost offer in its 5.99% Fixed Rate for Life!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disability Insurance Claim

12 Secrets to Winning a Disability Claim. The procedure of collecting an insurance claim from an insurance company is not as easy and effortless as people might imagine it is.

Peruvian Dishsoap and Long Term Care Insurance

Nothing gets you off to a great start like finding a market research report for your industry. We’ve recently extended our coverage from our two most important providers of market research, Euromonitor and Mintel.

Studies link insurance coverage to more advanced cancers

Two new studies find the uninsured and people with certain types of public health insurance are more likely to be diagnosed with more advanced cancer compared to those with private insurance. 2 Vote(s)



Lowering the Cost of your Car Insurance

Nowadays, there's no thing that can be considered as "free." Every little thing has an amount that you should pay in terms of money or through other ways if you wish to have or own that particular t 2 Vote(s)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Matta seeks to protect travellers by Mandatory Insurance Coverage

The insurance is to be included in all inbound and outbound holiday packages so that the buyers can be compensated in cases of travel scams.

Vienna Insurance Group's Romanian Units Q1 Premium Income Up 75.3% Y/Y

BUCHAREST (Romania), May 14 (SeeNews) - Austrian Vienna Insurance Group said on Monday the first qua.

No decent insurance for 8525?

Given I will be using device heavily (and weakness of slider keyboard) an insurance policy is a must. I haven't found anything decent yet. Safeline?

Quake insurance: Is it worth buying?

Few know the risk of living in earthquake country quite like Susan Hough. The 46-year-old seismologist heads the US Geological Survey's Pasadena office, which monitors earthquakes statewide.

Insurance, Which one is suited you best?

I will start working on this insurance company starting on 3rd of May. So here's my take to familiarize myself with the insurance world.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting An Insurance For Your Home

When you buy a home one of the first things you want to do is to purchase Home Owners Insurance.

Massachusetts Connector Likely To Approve Health Insurance Exemptions

Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector on Thursday likely will approve a proposal to exempt almost 20% of uninsured residents from a state law enacted last year that requires all residents to obtain ...

Cheap Car Insurance In Ontario

cheap car insurance in ontario. Term Life Insurance Rateterm life insurance rate is one of the most popular and fun health insurance quote texas around, and we are a hotspot for enthusiasts and the curious alike.

Washington Auto Insurance Quote

washington auto insurance quote. Are you are on a quest for legitimate and trustworthy information on washington auto insurance quote ?

Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

cheap auto insurance rate. Florida Car InsuranceStop wasting your time sifting through websites that offer false promises of florida car insurance .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the "Who Knew?" Department: Getting Life Insurance Before You ...

life insurance policy Before I had children, obtaining life insurance was one of the last things I thought of. After all, I wasn't yet a parent, right? So who did I have to support?


Forum: Insurance Questions Posted By: MrRobert Post Time: 10-03-2007 at 04:18 PM.

8125.. No insurance? Why Not? What can i do now?

My phone stopped working, and i was curious as to why cingular never provides insurance for PDA's. That is kind of garbage it should be equal for all brands.

Regional Business Projects, Finance - Insurance

Join this global leading Financial Services organisation which, currently has an opening for a Finance Executive within their expanding Insurance division.

Damned Insurance Agents

A couple few days ago, after work, I went to Little Skeezers to grab myself a large pepperoni cardboard pizza for only 5$. BEAT THAT! On my way back to my car some dude asked if he could see my name badge.

Science Accounting Insurance communication :

The Official Website for links and directory in the Science Accounting Insurance communication from

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting my insurance together

I met with my insurance agent yesterday to go over my insurance and to make sure I had all the coverage I need. My homeowner's was OK, and the coverage on my auto was OK.

State, Society, and Unemployment Insurance

Perhaps the difference that most fundamentally separates true liberals and libertarians from others is that, to one degree or another, true liberals and libertarians are, unlike non-liberals and libertarians, dutiful sons and daughters ...

car insurance

Author: PertyGrl Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:40 pm nj car insurance car insurance for woman progressive car insurance quote collector car insurance compare car insurance quote budget car insurance teen car insurance usaa car insurance ...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Employer-Based Health Insurance as Social Darwinism

The NYT has done a great job chronicling the social costs of diabetes this year. A recent article focuses on the ADA struggles caused by the illness. Consider the following situations:.

C. Additional Insurance Endorsement Form

This form is required for productions needing insurance to shoot in Portland, Oregon. Please see Insurance guide for more details. PDF Document, 62kb Category: Office of Film and Video.

Is your Title Insurance too high?

Is title insurance to much in your state? I recently downloaded and read a report that here in Florida, title insurance is pretty expensive .


On December 27, 2006, the Chief Economist for the Insurance Institute reported that the property and casualty side of the insurance industry continued its record setting escalation of profits during the first nine months of 2006.

Filing a Business Insurance Claim

When your business is at risk and currently experiencing great losses, then maybe it is time to apply for business insurance claim.

Healthy? Insurance Companies Differ

LA Times : (h/t NonnyMouse). Scott Svonkin joined the Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance 10 years ago because he was concerned about an emerging problem: people losing health coverage.

DJ Insurance

DJ Insurance Insurance For DJs By Ray Mardo Insurance is a very important consideration for the mobile DJ entertainer.

Identity theft insurance

The Canadian Press is running an article about the growing business of identity theft insurance, both as an add-on to traditional homeowners policies and as a standalone policy of insurance.

The Best Approach to Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes are generally free so don’t just take out an auto insurance policy based on the first auto insurance quote you get.

Personal Injury Auto Accident Victim Insurance Claim

Personal Injury Auto Accident Victim Insurance Claim. personalinjuryautoaccidentvictiminsuranceclaimphp. personal injury as the result of negligence is the most common type of claim.